Jars, Cans, and Pouches

Alaska’s smoked salmon have an unsurpassable level of excellence when placed in a jar. The long lasting storage and ability to be used in all sorts of delicious recipes makes our smoked salmon in a jar, the best choice for anyone that requires excellence.Sockeyejars

Our jars are available in 6.5oz or 3.25oz sizes and include the finest of Alaska’s salmon, pre-cooked and smoked to a delicious perfection. IMG_6191

We offer to buy latisse without prescription and Sockeye/Red, Coho/Silver, and Chinook/King in the jars and cans.




Our cans are also in the 6.5oz size.





Delicious and tender fillets smoked with natural Alder, hand-packed with care. Serve the Fillet right out of the package or mix it up with your favorite recipe.
Quality taste that is sure to please!

Our Large Retort smoked salmon is natural, wild, fresh-smoked, caught from the Pacific Ocean. The nutritious, ocean-caught salmon is vacuum sealed in clear, see-through retort pouches, then slowly cooked in it’s own natural juices.

That makes the retort pouch shelf safe with no refrigeration necessary until after being opened. Premium processes from smoking and unique flavored recipes offer on endless variety for serving.


Fillets: Smoked Red Salmon Premium and Black Pepper fillets ranging in weight from 1 to 1.5 lbs.IMG_6197



Gift Box Fillet: Smoked Red Salmon Premium fillet in a gift box. In weights: 16, 20, and 24oz.




Strips: Smoked Red Salmon Strips in 1.25oz, 4oz, or 12oz weights.





Our flavored 1.25oz Strips are available in three different flavors: Traditional, Black Pepper, and Honey.


honeystrip bpstrip Sockeyestrip


Our flavored 4-ounce strip retort pouches are available in a variety of delicious flavors in a small, versatile size, perfect for light recipe servings.


We have 4-ounce strip pouches available in the following 5 flavors:

“Premium Regular” naturally smoked is a moist, flavorful salmon that can be prepared in a variety of ways.

“Black Pepper” smoked sockeye fillets have a zing of black pepper as well as other special seasonings for a different option for hors d’oeuvres.

“Cajun” smoked sockeye salmon has a wonderful mix of those southern spices, still returning a moist flavorful fillet.

“Honey” is succulent and sweet, perfect for adding to salads; this selection of sockeye salmon is quite versatile.

Coming soon:

“Jalapeno” smoked sockeye is known for its bite, for those who love jalapeno!

“Salsa” has a zesty southwestern flavor.